AUSA RSC Mecanitzats main aim is their customer’s complete satisfaction which is achieved and maintained thanks to the continuous service offered with efficiency, reliability and productivity.

According to the kind of company, needs and relationship it has created a quality system, a working method and an organization structure taking as a model the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001. The enterprise has ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

Different production processes, adapted to the customer specifications and needs, are submitted to a strict and rigorous quality control throughout the whole execution.

In order to guarantee the maximum quality of service, the quality department has different checking and measurement equipments:

  • External micrometer 1 to 1000mm
  • Two contacts internal micrometer 25 to 500mm
  • Three contacts internal micrometer 6 to 103mm
  • Internal checkers 18 to 512mm
  • Ring pattern until 440mm
  • Conventional and digital callipers until 1500mm
  • Thread and smooth P/NP gauges
  • Roughness measurement equipment
  • Thickness measurement for treatment
  • Several elements for machining checking
  • Three dimensional coordinates MITUTOYO capacity 1200x760x600
  • Portable measurement arm CIMCORE INFINITE 25525-12 3mm